One Two Three - Krystal Gem

Pregnant Woman Grows A Long Baby Bump Containing “Mountain Rocks”

While the typical pregnancy belly is usually round-shaped, her bump has grown so straight-out that it looks like it’s going to “drop” soon.

Despite having only a small frame, never underestimate this woman. Her baby bump looks as if she had swallowed a large mountain rock. Every time she moves, she has to lift it up!

After welcoming her firstborn years ago without any complications, Heather and her husband thought their second pregnancy would also be as smooth-sailing.

However, this time, they are pregnant with not one or two babies, but three! For eight long months, she waited anxiously to meet them. After spending forty hours in the delivery room, all three of them finally made it safely into her arms.

Prisoner Of Her Own Body

But happiness turned to heartbreak shortly after as Heather fainted and fell into a “deep sleep”. Doctors tried their best to help her gain consciousness and although she finally opened her eyes, it was already too late.

She could no longer speak or move. Heather now communicates by blinking and requires round-the-clock care. It turns out that she had an injury during her labor, along with a series of medical errors that were not caught soon enough by the doctors.

This caused her heart to become weak and it stopped pumping blood to her brain, causing her brain to be severely starved of oxygen. Although Heather received a seven-figure malpractice settlement, in exchange, she’s now trapped in her own body and can only watch her children helplessly.

To become her caretaker, her husband had to quit his job and despite her family’s efforts to take her to countless acupuncturists, physiotherapists, and brain specialists, they were all ineffective.

As Heather’s story went viral across the globe, hundreds of thousands of people sympathized with her, including Dr. Peterson, a top neurologist with more than 35 years of experience in treating traumatic brain injuries.

When he met Heather, he performed in-depth MRI scans on her and he gasped in shock as her condition was far worse than he had anticipated.

“Childbirth injuries are not uncommon, but Heather’s condition is something I’d never seen before.”

“MRI scans revealed that the severe lack of oxygen in her brain destroyed more than 60% of her neurons and the connections between them.”

“This caused her to lose control of her body, leaving her unable to speak and move from the neck down.”

- Dr. Peterson, 63, Neurologist

Earliest Known Doctor

Heather’s condition instantly reminded Dr. Peterson of his recent field research trip to Egypt, where he learned about the first doctor in history, Imhotep.

“For half a year, I lived in a village called Saqqara. There, a traditional doctor who was the last surviving descendant of Imhotep passed me an ancient medical text.”

“It had written records on how Imhotep magically treated a man born with only 10% functioning brain even when modern medicines were unavailable.”

“It was said that since young, the man had been inhaling a unique incense made by Imhotep, using the local frankincense.”

“That’s essentially how he healed, grew his brain, and had a normal life although he was born with a non-existing brain.”-

Dr. Peterson, 63, Neurologist

After realizing how this could help Heather, Dr. Peterson gave some of the incense he brought back to her family. Her husband was instructed to place it beside her for the next four weeks.

Then, Dr. Peterson conducted brain scans on Heather to evaluate its efficacy.

“Amazingly, the blood flow to her brain has increased by up to 83%!”

“And millions of neurons were formed in different regions of her brain. This will definitely push her brain to heal more quickly.”

“As well as have positive effects on her overall recovery.”

- Dr. Peterson, 63, Neurologist

How Cevero™ Came To Life

Enthralled, Dr. Peterson wanted to share this revolutionary discovery with the world. So, he collaborated with Egypt’s top frankincense supplier to create an upgraded version of the ancient remedy.

Using the latest state-of-the-art steam distillation method, the finest frankincense oil was extracted from the Boswellia trees native to Egypt, as only this species has the highest concentration of brain-healing compounds.

That is how Cevero™ was created. Dr. Peterson further explains the science behind Cevero™.

“When brain cells are deprived of oxygen, memory loss, poor judgment, difficulty focusing and even brain damage may occur. Therefore, increasing the blood flow is essential to "feed" the brain.”

“Formulated to contain triple the number of sesquiterpenes, Cevero™ accelerates the recovery process of damaged brain tissues.”

“With the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier, it can transport oxygen to the brain at a quicker pace and deliver essential nutrients to restore injured brain cells.”

“While encouraging the growth of dendrites in millions of neurons and strengthening their overall connections. This repairs the brain and boosts its powers tenfold, which improves rational decision-making and increases computer-like memories.”

-Dr. Peterson, 63, Neurologist

Regaining Her Life

When Cevero™ made its debut globally, Heather was the first person to test it out and Dr. Peterson was shocked when he saw her holding her babies!

“I felt hopeless, no one could hear me as I was screaming inside. When my husband first heard about Cevero™, he was skeptical but Cevero™ was our ray of hope.”

“After just a few weeks of inhaling it, my husband noticed there was a tiny flicker on my finger. Then, unbelievably, I started wiggling my toes."

“The second proudest moment was when I called out my husband’s name and just days later, I could stand up and walk around with a walker!”

“Within a month, I started using a cane, and now I can take long strolls at the park with my family! Thanks to Dr. Peterson and his invention, my children can now hear bedtime stories from their mother, and even without hiring a nanny, I’m capable of taking care of them.”

“Without the support of my husband and Dr. Peterson, I wouldn’t have come this far. Although this journey was tough, I’d go through it all over again.”

- Heather, 32, Mother of four