Cevero™ - Krystal Gem

Experience What It Feels Like To Have An Unstoppable Mind

Mental fatigue from intense periods of mental concentration can occur just as physical fatigue does. Extensive periods of mental focus can tire out your brain just as easily as physical work. To put it simply, when you feel mentally exhausted, it’s because your brain has received an overload of information or had to stay focused at a high level without pause.

When exposed to these kinds of stressful conditions over long periods of time, our brains gradually decline and experience symptoms such as low concentration levels or forgetfulness.

It is important to protect your brain from these conditions at all costs. Give yourself the opportunity to reach your full potential with Cevero™!

Cevero™: An Ancient Memory Enhancer

Since time immemorial, Egyptian natives have always considered frankincense more valuable than gold. Its resin, extracted from the bark of Egyptian Boswellia trees, contains oleoresins that are proven to be effective in cognitive enhancement.

Enjoy all these benefits at hand in this modern day with just a few drops of Cevero™. Made from 100% pure Frankincense, obtained through the latest steam distillation process, Cevero™ helps concentrate on one task at a time while blocking out distractions. It aids in improving memory as well as sharpness of thought and recall.

Cevero™ contains antioxidants which provide further support in maintaining mental alertness and vigilance throughout the day. It helps increase blood flow and oxygen levels to your brain which leads to increased clarity of thought, mental sharpness, and recall all while boosting your mood.

Brain-Boosting Benefits

Helps combat cognitive decline

Keeps the mind sharp and engaged

Helps protect brain cells

Increases blood flow and oxygen levels to the brain

Reduces stress levels and mental fatigue

Relieves anxiety and depression

How To Use


Travis Matthews, 31, CA

All of my life, I've struggled with ADHD and finding focus. When I first started using Cevero™, my coworkers commented on how focused I became, something that typically isn't used to describe me at work, as well as a boost in productivity, which was difficult before. By seeing the changes within myself, it motivated me even more than before because success feels so much sweeter than ever!

Sherri Patterson, 68, NE

My memory has drastically declined due to severe stress. I often get confused during conversations and stumble over words. This made me feel useless because I couldn’t recall almost all of my precious memories. I was recommended this essential oil by a family member, and since then, my life has improved! My brain feels like it can absorb any information easily, and my memories have never been better. I never knew the solution was this simple!

Gordon Barnett, 71, VA

I can't believe it's only been one week since I've started using Cevero™! It feels like every day has felt incredible, with higher levels of energy and focus than ever. My thoughts are racing while never being too scattered! It's such an amazing experience. When the one I have runs out, I will definitely re-purchase.


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