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The Mother Who Awakens Just In Time To Give Birth To Her Baby

Tuesday, 26th January 2023 | Susanne Emerson, Editor-in-Chief

“Frozen” mom, who breathes through a machine, gives life to the little one growing inside her through maternal love.

This couple has been together ever since they were in high school. Although they struggled to conceive for 7 long years, good news finally arrived when Vivian saw the two lines that they had always wished for and they were overjoyed to welcome their first child.

But one day, during her gender reveal baby shower, 32-year-old Vivian who was six months pregnant suddenly collapsed and was rushed to the nearest hospital.

Determining The Cause

At the hospital, doctors in the ICU tried to stabilize Vivian and immediately put her on ventilation to save her:

“Thankfully, Vivian arrived at the hospital on time. She wouldn't still be here if she arrived two minutes late.”

-Dr. Klein, Head of ICU

Then, doctors performed MRI scans to determine her diagnosis:

“We noticed Vivian has a large blood clot in her brain and her baby has a weakened heartbeat and brain activity.”

“Their condition is so severe that it’s not within our expertise. So, we advised to transfer her to a more advanced hospital.”

“However, there is a high chance that she won’t be able to survive the journey there.”

-Dr. Klein, Head of ICU

Although Mike knew that he could lose either his wife or his baby, he accepted his fate and could only hope for a miracle. Once they arrived at the new hospital, the doctors reviewed Vivian’s brain scans and unfortunately, they had no confidence that they could help her.

Village Without Doctors

However, one of the senior doctors immediately recommended his professor, a world-renowned neurologist, Dr. Marius, who has more than 35 years of experience in treating traumatic brain injuries with traditional and modern treatments. He might be the most qualified person that could help Vivian.

Luckily, Dr. Marius just came back from a long field research trip:

“When I first heard about a “doctorless” village in Rome, I was skeptical but when I arrived to research, I met an 89-year-old man who used to suffer a stroke attack when he was 1 year old due to an abnormal blockage that disrupted the flow of oxygen to his brain.”

“But once his family moved into this village, this man miraculously went on to live healthily until his golden age.”

-Dr. Marius

Curious, Dr. Marius suspected that there was more to the situation than met the eye. So, he decided to discover more about this “doctorless” village:

“After living there for a few weeks, I noticed how energetic and sharp I felt, which I had never experienced when I was living in the city.”

“Soon, I realized it was because the locals often burned a special incense made from cedarwood. Before I left, a villager handed me the incense as a souvenir.”

-Dr. Marius

Trying Out The Traditional Practice

Upon realizing how this could help Vivian, Dr. Marius quickly passed to Mike the incense that he received. At first, Mike was skeptical but he was willing to try anything to get his wife back and he was instructed by Dr. Marius to place the incense near her.

After a few days when Dr. Marius performed EEG scans, his jaw dropped:

“Her brain scans showed that it went from a flatline to a wave, showing widespread neural activity across her brain.”

“Even better, we also noticed the heart rate and oxygen levels of the baby have increased. This gave us hope that both of them can survive!”

-Dr. Marius

Clevior™: Nature’s Brain Booster

Dr. Marius decided to perform further analysis on the incense’s composition and he discovered that the key ingredient is Roman cedarwood.

This species has the highest concentration of sesquiterpenes, a rare compound that can speed up the brain’s healing process. Enthralled, Dr. Marius wanted to improvise the traditional recipe.

So, he recruited a team of biochemists to create an upgraded version and they named it Clevior™. Using the most advanced steam distillation method, Clevior™ is a therapeutic oil that was made from the highest-quality Cedar trees from Rome.

Dr. Marius explains the science behind his creation:

“The human brain works just like a computer’s CPU and usually, a computer is wired to a CPU to operate properly.”

“If there is a sudden blockage or cut in the wires, it will prevent electricity from reaching the CPU, causing the computer to shut down instantly.”

“Just like the CPU, our brain needs a continuous flow of oxygen to function properly but due to high blood pressure caused by stress and unhealthy lifestyles, our blood vessels may become narrower and form blood clots. This will block oxygen-rich blood from reaching the brain cells.”

“When brain cells are starved, paralysis or unconsciousness may occur.”

-Dr. Marius

Clevior™ was formulated to contain triple the amount of sesquiterpenes. With the ability to promote circulation and cross the blood-brain barrier, it can provide oxygen directly to injured brain cells, accelerating healing and cellular turnover by over 110%.

Upon inhaling Clevior™, it also triggers the growth of neurons, which enhances memory and problem-solving abilities. Additionally, as Clevior™ increases oxygen levels, it can lower stress hormones, promoting a state of calmness and releasing tension.

Medical Wonder

Before Clevior™ made its debut, Vivian was the first person to try it:

“Within just a month, Vivian opened her eyes and called out my name. She could finally express how she truly felt after so long.”

“And when I put my hand on her belly, I felt our baby’s intense kicks! I felt relieved and couldn’t believe that my wife was back.”

-Mike, Vivian’s husband

Vivian’s remarkable recovery has baffled medical experts everywhere as there is a less than 1% chance that such a medical miracle will happen.

To date, Vivian’s story with Clevior™ continues to serve as an inspiration to many others:

“After months of breathing through a machine, we finally welcomed a healthy baby boy. Words can’t describe how happy I was to be able to hold him.”

“Although doctors warned us that our son may have developmental delays, but at the age of three, he is the world’s youngest child to be accepted into Mensa.”

“Thanks to Dr. Marius’s invention, I’ve regained my health and my son. I’m incredibly grateful to my husband for never giving up on me.”


Clevior™ Receives Global Recognition

Ever since Clevior™’s launch, more than 126,927 bottles were sold worldwide. To this day, Dr. Marius continues to help rebuild the lives of those affected by the same condition as Vivian. So, he is offering up to 80% for any purchase.

If a good skincare routine is used to attain healthy skin, why not invest in the brain, the body’s most important organ? Click on the link below to find out more!