Born Twice - Krystal Gem
“Born Twice” Baby: Pioneer Procedure Outside Of
Womb Leads To Genius Discovery!

Ever heard of the baby who had to be delivered twice? This kid has the world in complete disbelief as she was born a second time into the world.

A Mother’s Woe

Only 20 weeks into her first pregnancy, Esther was excited about the arrival of her child. That is… until one of her routine checkups when Dr. Warner broke the terrible news.

“There was a tumor growing inside the unborn child,”

“It was a hard case since most tumors are removed after birth,”

“But with Esther’s child, the tumor is growing too rapidly,”

“Leeching resources from both mother and child,”

“And at this stage of the pregnancy, an early birth was impossible.”

-Dr. Warner

Despite there being surgeries that exist in today’s world that could be done on an unborn child within the mother’s womb, none of them were an option for Esther and her child.

This was because the tumor was far too large to remove through the small incision.

“They told me to prepare myself,”

“As not only was there no hope for Eve to survive,”

“But it would be the end of my life as well,”

“Even though deep down I knew…”

“Neither of us had a chance of surviving,”

“I refused to give up on Eve.”

-Esther, Eve’s mother

First Of Its Kind

Touched by her motherly love and devotion, Dr. Warner respected her determined decision and started working tirelessly to find a way to save the mother and child.

After meeting with countless other specialists, he finally proposed a never-before-seen procedure. One where the fetus would be removed from the womb entirely.

It would allow them to safely cut out the large tumor and they would then place the baby back into the womb! That way, the baby could safely finish her development.

Many of Dr. Warner colleagues couldn’t believe their ears when he shared the procedure. But it was the only way to ensure the survival of both the mother and child.

Human Anatomy

But besides the great risk the abnormal surgery poses to Esther, it holds a great deal of danger for Eve as well.

Her heart was too weak and could stop at any given moment. Once stopped, they would not be able to restart her heart with a defibrillator since she was far too small and underdeveloped.

However, Dr. Warner knew that if he could somehow keep her brain strong, her heart would be stronger as well. Past journals have explained how a strong brain is the foundation of the human body which is able to sustain a body regardless of injury or trauma.

Back To Life

That was when he remembered an amazing case in Greece from a research paper where a child had woken from her own coffin as her brain was still active!

Dr. Warner was curious on the factor that reactivated the child’s brain. So, he made the trip to Greece.

Yet once there, locals pointed to the incense made by the child’s family, claiming that once the incense had been burnt at the funeral, the child opened her eyes!

Dr. Warner visited the family and learnt that the incense was made from the vibrant herb that grew wild around their remote cottage home.

Despite being very skeptical, Dr. Warner obtained a sample and soon put them through several clinical trials to test their properties.

What he discovered, shocked even himself.

“The incense was made from a special species of peppermint,”

“One that was rich in a specific form of flavonoids,”

“50x greater than other known kinds,”

“It is able to protect the brain from damage caused by free radicals,”

“Which are one of the leading causes of cancerous tumors,”

“The flavonoids suppress neuroinflammation and injuries,”

“And are also able to heal and revitalize dying brain cells,”

“While boosting the production of new neurons,”

“Which is the perfect solution for Eve,”

“As this can strengthen her brain throughout the surgery,”

“Keeping her heart strong and going as her brain remains active!”

-Dr. Warner

The Second Birth

To help his patients, Dr. Warner managed to source more of the peppermint and thus created an advanced formula from the herb. One that can be used within the operating theatre itself.

On the day of the procedure where the tiniest error could end the lives of a mother and child…

Dr. Warner’s steady hand and laser focus was tested to its fullest. But with the scent of the formula lingering in the air, bolstering his skills, the 8-hour surgery was a success!

And it was 20 weeks later when Esther would give birth to a healthy baby girl.

Genius Revelation

As time passed and at only a year of age, Eve began showing signs of genius!

Whilst other babies relied on their tears and cries to communicate, Eve was holding proper conversations with her parents!

Dr. Warner was fascinated by this and ran further tests on the peppermint with an EEG. That was when he discovered the shocking additional benefits of the herb!

“The flavonoids can boost the speed of neurotransmitters by 75%,”

“This enhances communication between brain cells,”

“Promoting memory learning and cognitive functions,”

“It’s like how websites load faster with a higher speed internet connection!’

“Which is why Eve’s mental development is progressing so quickly,”

“Her level of genius is unlike any I’ve seen in my entire career.”

-Dr. Warner

Introducing Mevlon™

Dr. Warner realized the peppermint had great potential to help others and began to focus his efforts on the creation of a product.

At long last, he managed to create the perfect formula. One with the purest essence and most concentrated levels of flavonoids. He named this product Mevlon™ and Eve was its first user.

“Mevlon™ has only propelled Eve further than ever before,”

“Despite still being 6 years old, she’s already able to speak 7 languages fluently,”

“And inspired by Dr. Warner, she’s been studying neuroscience,”

“Reading reports and science journals that even I can’t understand!”

“We couldn’t have made it so far without Dr. Warner and Mevlon™.”

-Esther, Eve’s mother

Be Reborn

Besides Eve, 150,000 other people have benefited from Mevlon™’s mental boosts. Due to harvest restrictions to protect the peppermint growth, production of Mevlon™ is limited, only occurring once a year.

So let yourself be born anew! Anything is possible now.