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Discover The Woman Who Stayed Wide-Awake For
Four Decades Without Any Sleep

This is the story of a “sleepless woman” who stayed awake for 48 Years! 53-year-old Debbie looks just like any other woman from the outside but what most people don't know is, she hasn't slept even for a minute for the past decades!

"The last time I remember that I slept was when I was around 5 years old. I was always exhausted, unable to concentrate, and couldn’t drive.”

“Because of my condition, I developed mood swings and depression. I was criticized because I look tired all the time. Eventually, I became jobless and I’ve been single for years!”

"I tried everything from sleeping pills to consulting different doctors but nothing worked and it gave me horrible headaches. I cried repeatedly and I was about to give up until I met Dr. Jonas.”


Identifying The Cause

Dr. Jonas is a sleep therapist who has been researching the natural approach to treat insomnia for the past 20 years.

When Dr. Jonas met Debbie, he conducted some brain scans on her and when the results came in, his jaw dropped:

“Debbie was diagnosed with Fatal familial insomnia (FFI). It is a chronic condition that can cause physical and mental deterioration.”

“Using MRI scans, we discovered that Debbie has extremely low GABA levels. It’s a brain chemical that plays a role in facilitating sleep.”

“Debbie’s low GABA levels created an imbalance of brain activity, leading to an inability for her brain to slow down causing it to race at maximum speed even when it’s time to sleep.”

-Dr. Jonas

Lullaby Of The Renaissance

Debbie’s condition reminded him of his recent field research trip to Provence, France:

"During the French Renaissance, lavender was a cure for insomnia. When King Charles VI ascended the throne at eleven years old, the stress of holding that position at a young age caused him to have sleepless nights and mental illness which continued throughout his life.”

“In an effort to find a cure for the king's illness, the King’s personal physician filled his pillows with lavender from Provence to soothe him to sleep, allowing him to stay sharp and become known as one of the most diplomatically skillful rulers of his time.”

“Since then, the locals in Provence eventually developed a unique sleeping elixir by infusing lavender in oil for months, inspired by their beloved King which is more powerful than normal lavenders.”

“This traditional remedy is still practiced by the French until today to relieve stress and induce sleep.”

-Dr. Jonas

The Experiment

Dr. Jonas brought back some lavender samples and conducted tests in his lab. After a series of research, he realized the lavenders exclusively grown in Provence have the highest amount of Linalool that interacts with GABA.

It assists in the production of melatonin to relax the brain which makes the whole body feel more relaxed and go into a restful sleep more easily.

So, he made some prototype oil which was recently completed and Debbie was the first person to try it out:

“I used to not sleep at all during bedtime but after using the prototype oil for two weeks, it brought tears to my eyes.”

“After 48 years, I could finally fall asleep! Now, I get at least 4 hours of sleep daily. It totally blew me away and I feel calmer than ever. My family couldn’t believe it when I said I had a good night’s sleep.”


Enthralled, Dr. Jonas conducted further brain scans on Debbie. Her latest MRI results showed that her GABA levels have increased. This explains why she could fall asleep better than ever.

The Birth Of Vilure™

Inspired by how effective the prototype lavender oil was, Dr. Jonas decided to help other people around the world.

So, he traveled back to Provence and worked with top French biochemists to invent a sleep essential oil, inspired by the French renaissance and they called it Vilure™. It’s made with only premium lavender, known as the soul of Provence.

Inhaling Vilure™ is effective to keep insomnia at bay as it promotes a sense of calm for a more restful night. Vilure™ also helps with waking up feeling fresh.

When the first batch of Vilure™ was launched, Debbie was the first person to try it:

“I had no will to live because of my condition. When people are usually looking forward to bedtime, it traumatized me.”

“But with Vilure™, my life completely changed and I can finally be normal. Once my head touched the pillow, I’d fall into a deep sleep within minutes and I’ll start my morning feeling energized even without coffee!”

“I have never felt this happy and stress-free in so long. I’m so glad to be able to sleep again. As my condition has improved, I even have a boyfriend now!”

“Thanks to Vilure™, I don’t have to feel lonely anymore! I really don’t know what I’d do without Vilure™.”


Vilure™ Has Earned Worldwide Recognition

When Vilure™ made its debut worldwide, more than 839,394 users have reported satisfaction as Vilure™ has helped them to sleep more soundly with an overall improved mood.

Participants who have used Vilure™ in a randomized study, reported a 30% improvement in the quality of their sleep. One of the avid users, 47-year-old Gordon is happy to share his positive feedback:

“Due to the nature of my work as a lawyer, stress has caused me to have insomnia. Although I’m super tired, I just couldn’t fall asleep! It caused me to lose in court cases because I struggled to focus during the day.”

“I almost lost my job until my colleague introduced Vilure™ to me. After using it once, I’m blown away! I've gotten high-quality sleep ever since I started using Vilure™.”

“When I lay down after smelling Vilure™, I immediately fall asleep! Vilure™ has definitely become my everyday essential as a lawyer. It improved my concentration, memory, and energy levels and even helped me win one of the biggest court cases in my career.”

“I’m proud to share that I was recently promoted to partnership!”


The Best Medicine Is Sleep

With Vilure™, everyone can take a little scent of Provence home. Say goodbye to tossing and turning in bed at night and say hello to dreamland after a better night's sleep.

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