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Discover How This Man Made 315 Million Dollars from Just an Orange Juice Bottle

Tony was a poor 55-year-old man who struggled to keep his family from financial ruin. In order to give them a chance for a better life, Tony borrowed money from loan sharks enrolled in college, but he failed and had to drop out. To compensate, he had to work multiple minimum-wage jobs.

One day he saw a monk pass by with a bowl-full of alms. Then Tony noticed another man approaching and stole the bowl from the monk. Feeling pity, Tony used whatever little cash he had on hand to buy a simple meal for the monk. As a show of gratitude, the monk gave Tony a bracelet made from citrine, something that he never thought will change his life forever.

After his work, he wanted to buy something to quench his thirst. He decided to stop at a convenience store and purchased a bottle of orange juice. It dawned on him that it was a pricey bottle and he immediately regretted it, so he went back to refund it. Instead of purchasing something else, he saw a couple of lottery tickets in the corner and instinctively bought it, and the rest was history.

Attracting Luck

Like the planet, humans generate their own magnetic field that attract some energies and repel others. This field is, however, in constant state of flux because of our emotions and thoughts that will, in turn, control the energy we absorb. This results in a change in our individual reality. Oftentimes, poor people absorb plenty of negative energy because of their surroundings and their outlook toward it, which is why they remain below the poverty line.

Luck is something so mundane that it should be rendered obsolete, yet many still believe in it. Luck is always attributed to events that are beyond our control. However, there are some who can have extremely good luck, and another person can have extremely bad luck consistently. When a person is in dire need of a change of pace, they often wish for a miracle or a medicine that can cure them of what they may see as an illness.

However, unlike the earth, the field that humans produce is so minute, it cannot be detected. Since there is no accurate way to measure something that is intangible, luck is an element that modern science cannot quantify. Yet, a solution still exists on the other side of the world.

The Science of Luck

Misfortune or bad luck, according to Buddhist and Hindu tradition, is a manifestation of imbalanced or closed chakra points.

Chakra points are energy nodes that begin at the crotch, run up the spine, and end at the top of the head. The seven chakras are the main energy stores of the body. When all of our chakras are open, energy can flow freely through them, and harmony exists between the physical body, mind, and spirit. Furthermore, energy can easily flow in the body, changing your body and its functions, enforcing better practices that will benefit the body by essentially resetting a person's senses and building them back up.

However, a person will experience stagnation with a closed chakra point, falling back into bad habits and slumps. It becomes far worse when the points are experiencing an imbalance, as they will most likely make wrong decisions, find themselves burned out more often, and even regress in the worst possible way.

When a person is under a great deal of stress, either physically or mentally, a chakra point will close or become unbalanced. This often leads to the person making hasty decisions, leading to more stress, which culminates in a self-destructive cycle of stress and loathing. 

Citrine is a rarer form of quartz that is often found in the rural mountains of Russia and Brazil. It is often called the Merchant’s Stone because of its ability to bring prosperity to whoever wears it. 

When worn, citrine causes stimulation across the body. These stimulations can only be felt by a person's chakra points, specifically the solar plexus chakra point. 

Through this process, the body's energy flow is freed from the interference of negative energy and replaced with positive energy. Various gemstones affect different chakra points and attract different energies; citrine attracts the energy of wealth and fills the space left behind by the negative energy.

The solar plexus chakra affects a person’s willpower, self-discipline, and self-esteem, giving positive effects if the flow of energy is clear. A person can feel a sudden surge of confidence and an influx of wealth come over them once their body has been cleansed of negative energy by using citrine. 

This gives the person the power to overcome any fears or challenges that may stand in their way.

Feel the re-attunement in 1 week

Joseline is a 49-year-old high school teacher who’s forced to work overtime every day to earn some extra income because she’s a victim of unfair wage cuts. This led to Joseline losing the motivation to keep on teaching. To cope with the stress, she has developed bad habits, such as replacing meals with junk food. She would have continued this destructive practice if it weren’t for Citantia™. And, to add insult to injury, she just found out her husband left her for a younger woman.

This is her personal account after wearing Citantia™.

Day 1

The moment Joseline slipped on Citantia™ on her wrist, she felt a sudden warm sensation run up her spine. She felt very awkward in her own skin, a normal effect when the body has plenty of negative energy. However, she was able to focus immediately and eliminate overwhelming negative feelings that would prevent her from working. At times, she’d experience small bursts of lucky brakes, like how she got a shady parking space close to the school entrance; something that never happened before.

Day 4

Something changed in her mood, especially at work. She received a pay raise as well as the reinstatement of her previous salary as compensation. Work became easier for her, regardless of how heavy the workload was, and she was always able to provide ahead of schedule. Yet, most spectacular of all, she had lost all motivation to continue her old bad habit and even felt disgusted when thinking of doing it. And it wasn’t just her, her co-workers even noticed that she became blooming and radiant, even though her divorce was just recently.

Day 7

After 7 days of wearing Citantia™, Joseline was able to regain her motivation and her passion for teaching! She had broken free from her old destructive habits and rarely felt sad. Now, she is brimming with confidence and good fortune, as if they were circulating throughout her body. She even found a duffle bag full of cash on her way home, achieving her goal of saving for retirement. Yet, she continues working as she now wants to continue with her dream of teaching. And in a twist of fate, her husband wanted to come back to her as the new girl took his money and left. However, Joseline decline as she found herself a new man, someone who is far younger and far more dedicated to her than her ex ever was.

46.6 million Americans feel like they are experiencing elements that are out of their control and feel powerless to change them. Luck isn’t always consistent; you may experience a rare burst of good fortune or a continuous stream of bad ones. But that can all change with Citantia™; with it, you can now change your own fate and fortune for the better.

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