Citantia™ - Krystal Gem


The Cure for Bad Luck

Citantia™ is a potent bracelet meant to grant prosperity, wealth, confidence, and overall good fortune by realigning and opening your chakra points. This simple and fashionable bracelet is able to do this because of the energetic properties that are innate in the stone.

A person may experience a change in their day-to-day routine almost immediately after slipping on Citantia™. This is because the bracelet is already doing its job: reprogramming your body to reduce anxiety and boost mood.


How Does Citantia™ Work?

Citantia™ has innate healing qualities that can heal a person’s body from within. These properties can be found in the stone itself in the form of vibrations. These minute vibrations can only be felt by the wearer’s chakra points. They affect all chakra points, but the solar plexus chakra point is targeted specifically. Furthermore, Citantia™ has been refined to the point where it can cleanse the body faster and more efficiently.

The chakra points are actively cleansed of negative energy by these vibrations, and slowly realigns them. To fill in the gap, Citantia™ draws in positive energy to fill the gap and replace the negative energy. But how does it attract energy, and what kind of energy is it?

The gemstone used in Citantia™ is related to the constellation Sagittarius. The constellation in it of itself is known for its lively and passionate energy. Citantia™ creates a direct link between the wear and the constellation, allowing you to absorb money-attracting energy from the cosmos itself directly into their chakra points. As long as the link remains open, the wear will continuously attract incalculable amounts of wealth and luck. 

You wouldn’t feel the vibrations opening and changing your chakra points, but you would feel your chakra points changing your body. With the absence of negative energy, you will feel more positive and less depressed. You will be able to process information better, leading to better decision-making in the long run.


Benefits of Citantia™

  • It realigns and opens chakra points which, in turn, nurtures a positive outlook on life
  • It cleanses negative energy and can destroy decades-worth of bad habits
  • Absorbs money-attracting positive energy
  • Improve overall quality of life
  • Links the body, mind, and spirit to the cosmic, improving physical and spiritual health
  • Reduces anxiety and boosts confidence, productivity, and decision making


How to Use Citantia™

  • Citantia™ is a one size fits across all genders.
  • To cleanse Citantia™, simply hold it under running water for 2-3 minutes. Do this once a month.
  • After cleansing, remove the bracelet and allow it to absorb moonlight to recharge.
  • For a deeper cleansing, ignite an incense stick, let it burn for a moment then blow out the flame. Take Citantia™ then slowly waft the stone in the smoke for 2 minutes.

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