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Grow into the Beauty that is You

Aging is inevitable. Past statistics have shown that besides women over the age of 25 who are concerned with their aging skin, ladies below that age have even been actively trying to delay their signs of aging already! With the rise of an industrially stressed society and the increase in free radicals all around us, it’s no wonder that our skin produces folds, acnes, wrinkles, and crow’s feet.

But fret not, because the solution to those listed problems that will effectively help decrease those rising numbers is here, as Rosavie™ aims to work wonders in your life.

A Rose to Fix Everything

Rosavie™ is made of a unique species of rose grown in organically soiled lands free from pesticides in Korea. This special flower possesses a strong ability to penetrate into the deepest skin layer with its nourishing and rejuvenating effects. It contains the most powerful antioxidant called polyphenol, that has strong regenerative properties to provide the ultimate healing for any damages to the skin.

These antioxidants fight harmful environmental stressors like pollution and toxins that accelerate the production of free radicals in the body. This returns regenerated collagen cells such as scars and dark spots back into its original state. It’s the complete cell organizing and restorative agent that rejuvenates the skin’s original composition and texture to feel refreshed every cycle.

Extraordinary Benefits of Rosavie™
Gets rid of wrinkles and stubborn fine lines
Diminishes scars and dark spots
Penetrates to the deepest layer of inner skin and nourishes skin cells
Improves elasticity and firms skin
Lightweight and easily absorbed into skin
Brightens complexion and enhances natural skin glow

Directions For Use

1. Thoroughly cleanse and dry your face.

2. After applying toner of your choice, drip an appropriate amount of Rosavie™ onto palm and gently massage onto intended area until fully absorbed.

3. Apply once each morning and night for best results.

Note: Perform patch test prior to applying on face to check for allergic reactions. If no reaction occurs, you can apply to your face. DO NOT use if rash, skin irritation, or hives develop.

*For best result, complete 1 full facial treatment (3 bottles).
What people are saying about Rosavie™
I’m only 26 and I’ve been trying to avoid getting saggy skin and I just can’t stand the fine lines that suddenly popped up under my eyes 3 months ago. My bedtime skincare routine was so tedious I sometimes missed out on something and give up. But ever since I got Rosavie™, I’ve cut down my facial routine by 25 minutes! I’m not only saving my time and money, I’ve literally also saved my skin. It does feel tighter just like the article said. I’m even more surprised to find my friends constantly asking me what I’m using, it’s amazing.

Heather Bradly, LA

✔ Verified Purchase

I remember how my skin wasn’t so kind to me during the past winter. It’s been flaking and peeling, I thought I was having an allergic reaction. Turns out, I needed to apply moisturizers more than regularly, but none of the other brands were working well enough to keep my skin intact. I heard about Rosavie™ a couple of months ago, so I thought I’d just give it a go. I’ve applied it to my whole face for twice a day and since then, my skin was hydrated all day long. I never even felt my skin this smooth for a long time, I’m really grateful for this! It is the perfect moisturizer that even made me look more youthful than how I was.

Candice Adams, NY

✔ Verified Purchase

My husband has recently proposed and I’m doing everything I can to look good in my wedding photos but I had stubborn acne marks from my teen days that just wouldn’t go away. And the stress from planning the wedding wasn’t making it easier. Acnes popping out everywhere! But thank God one of my bridesmaids recommended me to use Rosavie™. Because all I did was follow the super-easy instructed routine, and there’s no more acnes, scars, but just smooth, glossy skin. Exactly, what I want. My wedding photos look fabulous, and I couldn’t be happier. Definitely, one of the most satisfying purchases I’ve ever made!

Marry Jenkins, FL

✔ Verified Purchase


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