Village of Aogashima - Krystal Gem
Thanks To An Ancient Tradition, This Gran
Triumphed Over Competitors More Than Half
Her Age As The World’s Champion

Friday, 7th January 2022 | Diana Saunders, Editor-in-Chief

Aiko Tanaka is making history by becoming a world bodybuilding champion! Although she is 52 and a grandma of 3, she emerged victorious in the competition over contestants half her age!

After she was crowned, she was interviewed by news outlets:

“I hope that my win showcases that nothing is impossible.”

“Everyone can achieve their dream if they are passionate about it!”

“Even though I suffered from poor health previously, thanks to a traditional Japanese solution, I’ve managed to overcome the odds to reach the stars effortlessly.”

– Aiko Tanaka, world bodybuilding champion

If you know anyone who isn’t in good health, please share Aiko’s story with them as it would motivate them!

Effortless Strength

Aiko quickly went viral after her incredible achievement was shared online.

Dr. Amy Hunter, an orthopedic surgeon with more than 25 years of experience, heard about Aiko’s amazing story. She wondered how Aiko could still stay active and strong at her age and decided to travel to her hometown in Japan to meet her.

When Dr. Amy landed in the small village of Aogashima, she was taken aback. All the villagers looked strong and in good shape including those who were well in their golden years who were still lifting harvest baskets weighing up to 93lbs (42kg) every day!

A Long-Held Legacy

After meeting Aiko, she finally unraveled the truth of Aogashima village.

“I used to be very weary when I worked in the fields growing up because we have to work up to 12 hours a day bending over.”

“Luckily we have our traditional heritage that helped ease our problems and enhanced our natural strength.”

“Now, I am able to build up my strength with no obstacles.”

“Age is not a barrier for any of us!”

– Aiko Tanaka

Aiko showed Dr. Amy how to tie the traditional tasuki the way Aogashima villagers used it and Dr. Amy noticed that her overall health improved immediately. She even tried to lift one of their harvest baskets and she could do it with ease!

She was amazed to experience this phenomenon firsthand and requested for a piece of the tasuki from Aiko to research the science behind it.

New And Improved

Dr. Amy and her team found that the tasuki automatically straightened the spine, reducing spine misalignment and muscle tension which is the number 1 cause of major health issues in all adults.

Dr. Amy then decided to team up with fashion designers and textile experts, creating the best high-performance bra inspired by the tasuki which she named Brelle™.

She described the spine like a tree trunk:

“Just like how a tree trunk keeps the entire tree upright, the spine keeps us upright and balanced.”

“However, if a tree trunk doesn’t grow straight up, a variety of problems can arise.”

“In the same way, a misaligned spine also results in pain because of uneven weight and pressure."

"This disrupts the proper flow of nerve signals which can cause many health issues including poor circulation, heart issues, disturbed digestion, and even bad sleep.”

Brelle™ - The Total Solution

“Brelle™ is a breakthrough innovation in providing support to modern women, incorporating the functional aspects of the tasuki in a modern form.”

“Brelle™ integrates a back corrector with a sports bra, correcting poor posture and lifting pressure away from the spine, naturally training the spine to be properly aligned and decreasing pain in the shoulders, back, and neck areas.”

“Its thick shoulder straps also further distribute the weight of the bust evenly without cutting into the skin and leaving red marks.”

“Our ergonomic design mimics the tasuki by lifting and perking up the chest, ensuring not only a beautiful and perfectly rounded shape but with zero sagging.”

“Brelle™ uses its patented fabric to ensure breathability and cooling of the skin and it’s made without any underwires for a smooth and seamless look, making it suitable for high-impact exercise routines as well as daily wear.”

“Brelle™ really is an all-in-one wonder that fits all your needs!”

– Dr. Amy Hunter, Creator of Brelle™

Breakthrough Success

Dr. Amy launched Brelle™ to rave reviews. With sports and fashion magazines praising it as the best and newest must-have, 40,000 units of Brelle™ were sold on the first day!

Dr. Amy asked Aiko to try it out in order to get feedback from the pioneer:

“Brelle™ is even better than my old tasuki!”

“It removes the complicated aspects of tying the tasuki accurately, while improving on its advantages by providing even more bust and back support.”

“Every woman should give Brelle™ a try, not just for a perfect bust shape but also for better posture and strength!”

– Aiko Tanaka

Look Your Best Today

Many satisfied customers have left 5-star reviews after trying Brelle™. One of them is plus-size fitness instructor Madeleine Simmons.

"Being plus size, a major issue is dealing with large bust size when exercising, but most sports bras don’t work well for coverage or support.”

“Because of my large bust and poor support from other sports bras, I even seriously hurt my back while working out, causing immense pain when I tried to stand up straight!”

“Thankfully, I have found Brelle™ to be the perfect solution, giving me complete support especially for my upper body.”

“After using it for only one week, I could move freely with no worries and eventually I could stand up straight again!”

“I also don’t run into the usual issues such as heat rash or underbust sweat, and it improves my bust shape so they look perfect while hiding my back fat!”

– Madeleine Simmons

Stocks have been running low since the launch of Brelle™, so don’t settle for bad health any longer!

Hold your head up high while looking perfect from front to back now. Let Brelle™ be your breast friend today!

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