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The Lonely Quest of a Father to Find a Cure for His Sick Daughter

Monday, 3rd July 2023 | Marianne Donovan, Editor-in-Chief

Turned away by doctors because there was zero hope of survival, this single father raced against time to find a cure to save his only daughter.

When Peyton was born, her parents were beyond excited to bring home the princess they had been waiting for.

However, just weeks later, her mother took her last breath after being involved in a hit-and-run. Just like that, Peyton and her father only had each other.

The Worst Possible News For A Parent

During the first year, Peyton appeared to have developed normally. But after her third birthday, she cried as her vision became blurry while she was watching tv.

Assuming that she was tired, her father tucked her in bed. When the next morning arrived, Peyton lost her voice and couldn’t even say “good morning”.

Within seconds, she was twitching with her eyes rolled back. She had a seizure and was struggling to breathe. Shocked, her father rushed her to the hospital and he sobbed as he waited outside the emergency department:

“I feel useless as a father and a doctor. Last night after Peyton was having trouble with her eyes...”

“I should have taken her to the hospital immediately for a checkup.”

“My wife is probably disappointed in me.”

-Dr. Wallace, 54, Father

Soon after, doctors diagnosed Peyton with Autism and they prescribed some mood stabilizers. However, it turns out that it was not autism after all. Now, Peyton doesn’t even know her name anymore.

What’s even sadder is that she no longer recognizes her father. Eventually, Peyton had trouble swallowing and had to rely on a feeding tube.

Not only that, but she couldn’t listen to or sing her favorite songs anymore and she is stuck in bed or in a wheelchair now.

To uncover what is causing all of this, Peyton was transferred to a more advanced hospital and her brain scans revealed something more serious.

“Her official diagnosis is Sanfilippo syndrome or childhood dementia. This disease is not just about memory loss as it will eventually cause her to lose all her bodily functions.”

“So far, other children with this condition have not reached adulthood. We could only ask her father to prepare for the worse.”

-Dr. Rogers, Pediatric Neurologist

After her father received the shocking news, he broke down:

“I might not be able to see her graduate and walk down the aisle.”

“Day by day, my precious girl is fading away but I knew that I couldn’t disappoint my wife anymore. So, I must not give up. I am a doctor for a reason and I will do anything to save Peyton.”

-Dr. Wallace, 54, Father

Japan’s Pharmacy Mountain

After weeks of intensive research, Dr. Wallace learned about the legend of Japan's Mount Ibuki which is said to be the source of the villagers’ longevity despite being hundreds of years old. He had no choice but to travel to Japan to learn more.

Despite being tired from the jet lag, he felt energized when he arrived at the village because of the air. Then, Dr. Wallace met the oldest man in the town, Mr. Yamato.

He was shocked that the man was actually 108 years old!

“Due to the lack of modern medicine in the past, I was stuck in my mother’s womb for hours because I was too big. This caused me to be starved of oxygen and suffer brain damage.”

“Like a stone, I was unable to move or make a sound. Even without a doctor in our village, my grandmother knew exactly what to do. Every day, she let me inhale a handmade incense made with more than fifty herbs from Mount Ibuki.”

“At first, everyone assumed that I wouldn't get any better but I gradually regained my mobility and ability to speak. Look at me now, 108 years old and still going strong.”

-Mr. Yamato, 108

Regaining Her Life Back

Curious, Dr. Wallace brought back the incense and tried them on Peyton. At first, she didn’t respond to the treatment but on the twenty-ninth day, Peyton’s toes twitched.

Days later, she finally recognized her father and whispered “dad”.

“I can see you again dad, I can see you!”

-Peyton, 3

They hugged and cried because there was finally hope. When Dr. Wallace conducted MRI scans on Peyton, he was shocked to see an increase in brain activity within various regions!

To speed up Peyton’s healing, Dr. Wallace decided to upgrade the traditional incense.

After conducting lab tests, he found out that the most powerful component in the incense is rosmarinic acid which can be found in Melissa officinalis (lemon balm) grown exclusively on Mount Ibuki.

Using the latest steam distillation method, he extracted the purest essence of Melissa officinalis to create a prototype.

Once it was ready, he massaged it on Peyton’s temples:

“Within a week, she gradually developed a sensation in her legs and quickly progressed from the wheelchair to a walker to walking on her own!”

“I’m so glad that I persisted because now she can finally enjoy her favorite food and go on walks with me at the park.”

-Dr. Wallace, 54, Father

By the time Peyton turned six, she had recovered fully and had developed extraordinary memorization abilities. She could remember hundreds of words or digits within minutes and even won the recent World Memory Championship!

Protective Shield For The Mind: Maylizo™

The story of Dr. Wallace’s persistence and Peyton’s recovery inspired our company to help him share his invention with the world. With the help of the nation’s top biochemists, Maylizo™ finally made its debut.

Dr. Wallace explains the science behind his creation:

“The root of Peyton's condition and adult Alzheimer’s is an abnormal buildup in the brain. Over time, this can lead to brain cell death, causing brain damage that destroys the ability to do the simplest tasks in life.”

“So, it's crucial to shield neuron cells from plaque formation and boost their self-healing abilities.“

-Dr. Wallace, 54, Father

Containing three times the amount of antioxidants and neuroprotective powers of Melissa officinalis, Maylizo™ protects the brain from oxidative damage while stimulating circulation to clear unwanted plaques.

Additionally, it promotes nerve rebirth which not only speeds up recovery but also enhances memory and problem-solving skills. As well as boosts positive mood by lowering stress hormones.

Maylizo™ Garners Seal Of Approval Worldwide

Within the first month of Maylizo™’s launch, more than 289,504 bottles were sold worldwide. This is what one of the satisfied customers has to say:

“My mom was a math teacher before dementia stole her. Even elementary school level math became a challenge for her.”

“We tried giving her supplements and taking her to therapy, but every night, she’d still escape and go missing. For her safety, we wanted to send her to a nursing home until I heard about Peyton’s story.”

"This sounds crazy, but within just 15 days of using Maylizo™, my mom called out my name and hugged me! After the second bottle, she said she couldn't wait to go back to teaching! My family and I want to thank Dr. Wallace for giving our mom back."

-Mrs. Jones, 34

According to The Alzheimer’s Association, by 2040, 11 million Americans will live with cognitive decline. So, don’t take the brain for granted and start prioritizing it more today. After all, it is the most important organ in the human body.

Until today, Dr. Wallace still devotes his time to helping those impacted by brain health. So, he is giving all purchases up to 80% off!

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