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Discover The First Child Prodigy Who Gains High
IQs By Sleeping 90% Of The Time

Everyone thought that Ashley came into the world as a prodigy, but her life was actually not easy.

Sleeping like a baby when she was born, many people didn’t know why her sleep just never stopped.

Turned out, that she had a condition that constantly made her sleepy, instantly letting her fall asleep at any minute!

No matter where or what she is doing, it was unsafe for her to do anything!

Stuck In The Same Dream

2-year-old Ashley could never enjoy a happy childhood. She would fall asleep whenever she eats or takes a bath, making her mom worry about her health.

“I always thought she looked just like any other kid.”

“But I started noticing that she looked weak and underfed.”

“Because of this, she was growing at a slower pace than everyone else.”

“She would also have random bruises on her body.”

-Ashley’s Mum

During her pre-school classes, she struggled a lot and even found it hard to finish writing one alphabet without dozing off. As a result, the teacher often punished her for all the sleeping.

“She was punished for something she didn’t intentionally do!”

“I can’t imagine how much more she has to suffer in the future.”

-Ashley’s Mum

Just when Ashley’s mum continued to look for hope, something major happened to Ashley when she turned 6.

As she was accompanying her mum to get groceries, Ashley started feeling sleepy halfway up the escalator, and even though she tried to stay awake…

She fell down the escalator!

Luckily, Ashley’s mum caught her in time, preventing her to suffer from serious injuries. But her mum couldn’t help but to worry every day.

So, she brought Ashley to every doctor. Even after going through all the brain scans, and yet they still couldn’t find the problem.

The Drowsy Mind

All except for Dr. Bryan who is a neurologist with 10 years of experience. Specializing in the world of sleep, he decided to help Ashley.

He first ran polysomnography (PSG) and multiple sleep latency test (MSLT) which allowed him to find out that she indeed had Type 2 narcolepsy, a rare disease not a lot of doctors are aware of.

“Narcolepsy is usually caused by low levels of hypocretin.”

“This is a neurochemical in your brain that helps regulate wakefulness.”

“Ensuring that we can function properly throughout the day.”

“But once your body stops producing hypocretin.”

“You simply wouldn’t be able to stay awake.”

“Which explains why Ashley has been drifting on and off to sleep.”

“As her brain scans showed close to 0 hypocretins!”

– Dr. Bryan

A Village That Doesn’t Need Sleep

This reminded Dr. Bryan of a village greatly discussed in a Japanese forum. Known as “Ainokura Village” that’s located in Japan, it was known for its citizens’ energy.

Elderlies here appear to be stronger than normal. As they can work all through the day with ease and carry 22 pounds of loads like they’re only cotton. 

They never took naps to recharge even after all the long hours of hard labor as they take this traditional bath every morning. It all started from an 85-year-old man who can never get exhausted despite his age.

The villagers started learning from him which then formed a traditional routine.

“The tradition of the bath is made with bergamot.” 

“Derived from a special bergamot orange tree.”

“This fruit was highly popular in Japan.”

“It was used traditionally to stimulate and re-balance the vital energy.”

“Keeping you awake while maintaining your much-needed rest, to boost your focus and memory to the next level.”

– 85-year-old man

Ashley’s Awaken Fix

Knowing it could help Ashley, Dr. Bryan brought the fruit and made a prototype consisting of the purest essence, which he then passed it on to Ashley’s mother.

After applying to Ashley's temples twice a day, her brain scans returned with amazing results. The scans showed high lines on all graphs!

Ashley’s hypocretin levels were the highest he’s ever seen! This allows her to control her sleeps to function well throughout the day!

“After putting it on, she changed overnight!”

“She can now do everything she wants without falling asleep.”

“From talking, playing with her toys, to making friends!”

“During classes, she can stay awake and finish her quizzes.”

“Even her attention was so much better!”

“She can remember everything that was taught on the day.”

“And also managed to memorize all the times tables at just 6!”

- Ashley’s Mother

The Creation Of Crevimo™

Realizing the potential to help people who are like Ashley, Dr. Bryan started working with a team of chemists and they finally created Crevimo™.

“Crevimo™ was made with the latest cold pressing method.”

“Extracted from the freshest of bergamots.”

“The citrusy, unique floral, spicy scent inhaled connects our brain to send a signal to all the cells to rest.”

“Ensuring your circadian rhythm works properly to provide a good night sleep.”

“Which in return, helps you focus better during the day, enabling you to absorb every information like a sponge and boosting your memory to the next level.”

“Allowing you to achieve endless possibilities.”

– Dr. Bryan

Successful Stories Everywhere

A clinical trial took place with 1000 volunteers and one of them was 76-year-old John who was suffering from 10 years of dementia. This is what he wants to share.

“I have 2 children and grandkids, but I couldn’t recall who they were.”

“Every time they came over, I would think they were thieves.”

“That made me hit them and chase them out of my house.”

“My grandkids ended up being scared of me.”

“My son tried helping with therapy and doctors for 10 years.”

“But nothing worked until Crevimo™ was introduced.”

“Just after using it, the fog in my brain began to clear.”

“I slowly remember my children and my grandkids!”

“And by 3 weeks of using it, my brain was back to when I was 20.”

“I’ve started instantly remembering storybooks and now my grandkids look forward to my bedtime stories!”

- John

With Crevimo™, Ashley has continued to surprise everyone throughout just a short period of time.

“She solved the hardest mathematical questions within seconds.”

“And she was awarded as the youngest mathematician at just 6!"

“All thanks to Crevimo™ for gifting my baby a second chance.”

“To experience and achieve all the wonders in life.”

- Ashley’s Mother

Ever since its official launch, 70,000 people in the world have already gained a mind in tip-top condition.

So, why wait when you can liven up your mind with Crevimo™!

“Anyone can become a prodigy!”

“Don’t let your dreams just be a dream.”

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