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As Tiny As An Apple, The Smallest Premature Baby Managed To Grow His Mind

Born too soon, he spent the beginning of his life in a box. As small as an apple, yet his mind puts him in the world’s top one percent!

At his age, he’s supposed to be singing nursery rhymes, but 4-year-old Ethan, who used to be the smallest premature baby, was recently declared to be smarter than the world’s top scientist. With an IQ level of 180, he has accomplished more in life than most adults.

While other kids are still learning to walk at seven months, Ethan was already counting to 1000. Before turning one, he memorized the entire multiplication table, and by the time he was three, he was solving complex calculations in his mind, which only took a span of a few seconds, faster than a math professor!

Although he had just turned four years old, he had broken six world records for the fastest human calculation. To date, he is the youngest person to be accepted into one of the Ivy leagues.

Path To Brilliance

But the journey of getting to where he is now was far from easy.

“Doctors advised me to have an emergency C-section due to my dangerously high blood pressure. So, I had no choice but to give birth four months early.”

“After Ethan was born, I was heartbroken when doctors told us that he could only survive for an hour.”

"And even if he did, they warned us that he may not walk, talk, and function normally because his brain was only the size of a pea.”

“But as time went by, Ethan proved the doctors wrong by surviving for more than an hour, which turned into hours, days, months, and years!”

“He is my little warrior for being so strong, despite the hardships.”

-Leanne, Ethan’s mother

So, just how exactly did the smallest premature baby go on to become the “human calculator”?

This little Isaac Newton’s story intrigued Dr. Gibson, a world-renowned neuroscientist who has spent more than 35 years researching and uncovering the human brain’s unlimited potential.

So, Dr. Gibson decided to visit the tiny yet mighty, Ethan.

“Although Ethan was finally stable enough to be discharged, the worry of him developing learning difficulties in the future was weighing heavily on our shoulders.”

“At home, he was like a lifeless doll as he didn’t move at all. However, when we brought him to visit my mother in her hometown, we noticed that he was kicking his legs actively.”

“We were surprised at first and didn’t expect it to happen again, but hours later, he was giggling loudly! At three months old, he even learned how to read by himself!”

“I cried because it was too good to be true. Although we were prepared to raise a son with delays in cognitive development, but thank Lord Jesus, he grew up healthily and even became a math prodigy.”

“All thanks to my mother’s traditional incense.”

-Leanne, Ethan’s mother

Ancient Science Of Healing

Skeptical, Dr. Gibson met Leanne’s mother to get to the root of one of the most intelligent children ever.

“I have a habit of lighting an incense at home to relax. It’s made based on my ancestors’ recipe who were Ayurveda practitioners.”

“I’ve been using it for decades now and although I’m 95, I still feel sharper than ever. When I found out that it also helped my grandson, I couldn’t believe it!”

“He proves that the strongest guys aren’t always the biggest ones.”

-Helen, 95, Grandma

After obtaining some incense from Ethan’s Grandma, Dr. Gibson performed further analysis on its composition, and he discovered that the main ingredient is frankincense, exclusively grown in Oman.

This species has the highest number of sesquiterpenes, a unique substance that can push the brain to heal faster and stimulate the ability to generate new cells associated with intelligence.

Enthralled, Dr. Gibson wanted to improvise the traditional recipe. So, he recruited a team of biochemists to develop an upgraded version.

Recharging The Mind With Levsia™

They called it Levsia™. Using the most advanced steam distillation method, Levsia™ is a multi-powered frankincense essential oil.

Dr. Gibson further explains the science behind his invention.

“The brain is like a sponge, if it’s too small or is damaged, it cannot absorb as efficiently as a larger sponge.”

“Similarly, a larger brain is associated with higher intelligence as it can absorb more information thanks to the high volume of gray matter, which is linked to more efficient neuronal connections for faster processing rates and problem-solving skills.”

“But due to life factors like aging, genetics, or brain injury, the brain may shrink and cause the loss of neurons, which may result in learning disabilities, dyslexia, and even Alzheimer’s.”

-Dr. Gibson

Containing triple the amount of sesquiterpenes, Levsia™ has the ability to pass through the blood-brain barrier to directly deliver oxygen to heal injured brain cells.

It also increases the brain’s volume by encouraging new cell growth for new neural connections to be formed in different regions of the brain, improving mental performance by more than 85%! Besides that, Levsia™ also reduces stress hormone levels to promote relaxation even during stressful times.

Trusted By Millions Globally

When Levsia™ was first launched, over 454,878 bottles were sold worldwide. In fact, 98.9% of users reported satisfaction with their cognitive performance.

51-year-old Harvey, a space engineer, was one of them.

“After being hit-and-run years ago, half of my brain was injured, and just like that, all of my memories were gone.”

“When I returned to work, everything felt unfamiliar to me. So, my family consulted neurologists and psychiatrists, hoping to help me gain my life back.”

“But nothing worked.”

“When my wife found out about Levsia™, she was skeptical. But after two weeks of inhaling it, by the Grace of God, my memories came flooding back."

“Not only that, but it made me sharper than ever. As unbelievable as it may sound, I went from not knowing the ABCs to returning to work and eventually leading a team in successfully launching the most powerful telescope into space.”

"I didn't know that the solution to the hardest time in my life was so simple!"


To affirm Levsia™’s efficacy, Dr. Gibson performed in-depth MRI scans on Harvey.

“When compared to his previous brain scans, not only was his brain restored back to its original size, but the gray matter actively transmitting information has increased by up to 35%!”

“This explains how Levsia™ helped him regain his memories and become more intelligent!”

-Dr. Gibson

A Drop Away To A Supercharged Mind

Since Levsia™’s launch, more than 390,480 bottles have been sold worldwide. Until today, Dr. Gibson is still helping those affected by learning disabilities. So, he is offering up to 80% off for any purchase.

The brain is humankind’s most vital command center. But when it comes to taking care of it, it’s the area that receives the least attention. So, stop waiting and tap into the hidden abilities of the mind.

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